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Our mission

Promote industrial growth based on sustainable development principles. Encourage and support developers who are committed to environmentally responsible development to invest in the Green Industrial Park of Papineau. Our actions are oriented towards improving the quality of life and increasing the collective wealth within the region.

Strategic objectives

  • Facilitate the establishment of forward and innovative thinking companies
  • Promote the agri-food and forestry sectors (secondary and tertiary wood processing)
  • Create high-quality jobs
  • Support developers through their installation process
  • Facilitate industrial, commercial and economic growth and development of the PIRVP
  • Apply a modern approach to environmental impact reduction, by creating an industrial park focused on the principles of environmental responsibility

What we offer

More than 150 hectares (370 acres) of industrial and heavy industrial land


Industrial commissioner available for support and advice


Fast processes and accessibility to the land


Educated workforce, high quality of life, great open spaces, lakes and recreation

Geographical location

Gateway to the Quebec market

Green Industrial Park of Papineau
Thurso (Québec)
Email :
Tel.: 819 427-6243 ext. 1305
Toll free: 1 800 308-5491
Fax.: 819 426-8001