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150 acres of industrial land

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Located in a rural setting marked by an abundance of natural resources, the regional municipality of Papineau is known as the “Land of green gold”.

Hoping to preserve the natural heritage that constitutes its true wealth, the 24 municipalities of the Papineau region decided to create a green industrial park. Future park developments will be designed from a sustainable development perspective, however without creating additional costs for developers.

Within this context, the Green Industrial Park of Papineau (PIRVP) demonstrates its commitment towards sustainable economic development by observing standards of environmental responsibility.

Covering more than 150 acres, the Park is suited for a wide variety of industries. It represents a strong growth potential for the region, with the possibility for businesses in the agri-food or in secondary and tertiary wood processing sectors to create an industrial cluster. A well-established forest industry and a pool of specialised and educated workers are some of the Papineau region’s major competitive advantages.

The presence of several industries makes the City of Thurso an attractive destination, with the industrial sector covering nearly half of its land. This industrial concentration contributes to making the Papineau region a focal point for employment and an important economic hub.

Green Industrial Park of Papineau
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