Regional municipality of Papineau

Support and services

Support and advice

Our one-stop service will provide the help that you need to get settled simply and quickly (permit applications, visits, governmental support programs, etc.). An industrial commissioner is available to provide guidance and sound advice to developers.

Existing infrastructures

  • Conduites d’aqueduc
    Water supply system
  • Eau à pression constante
    Constant water pressure
  • Eau de qualité et en grande quantité à peu de frais
    Quality water in large quantities, at a low cost
  • Voie ferrée
  • Rues pavées et éclairées
    Well-lit paved streets
  • Alimentation en électricité et en gaz naturel
    Electricity and natural gas services
  • Fibre optique
    Fiber optics
  • Internet haute vitesse
    High speed Internet
  • Transport (Taxis, autobus)
    Transportation (taxi, bus)
  • Vapeur*

* Steam produced by the Fortress Cellulose Spécialisée facility. Note that this source of renewable energy is available to future companies, which in itself constitutes a major competitive advantage!